Learn How to Cook at Home with These Meal Kits

Cooking is a fundamental skill. Learning to cook means learning to feed yourself and your family healthy, inexpensive meals. If you’ve never learned to cook or you would like to be a better cook, consider a meal kit service. Weekly meal delivery packages offer all you need to create a fabulous meal. You’ll learn how to work with great ingredients and have a finished, edible product at the same time.

Blue Apron

One of the most popular meal kit services on the market, Blue Apron offers subscribers a choice of meals. This is a subscription service that allows you to pick out a few meals each week. The food you get is an eclectic mixture of varied influences including classic American and Asian influenced dishes. Blue Apron has been in business for several years and is considered one of the leaders in the industry. They are known to be reliable with recipes that are easy for the beginner at affordable prices.

The Purple Carrot

Those who want to learn to cook vegan food can opt for meals from the Purple Carrot. Each week, you get a box filled with ingredients you need to make vegan meals. Chefs can pick a box that will feed up to three people three meals a week. All menus are plant based. This service is one way to explore new ingredients you might not have encountered before like wheat-based soba noodles and Japanese shishito peppers.

Hello Fresh

Another option for those who want to explore new, healthy ingredients is Hello Fresh. Their staff dietitians create thirteen new meals each week, so there’s always something new to find here. You can go with their choices and then create your personalized additions. You can get three meals each week with a subscription service. This service is offered in the United States as well as Australia and several European nations, bringing an international flair to their offerings.

Sun Basket

Sun Basket works directly with suppliers to offer exceptional organic food that you can turn into a great meal. Choose from a classic menu of standard favorites like tomato-braised cod that will feed a single couple with a guest or two or a family menu designed to feed a family of four with items like chicken tikka masala. Pick from two to three recipes per week that will serve up to four people. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


If you already have advanced cooking skills, or you’d like to improve your existing cooking techniques, Chef’d is for you. No subscription is required. Pick from hundreds of meals created by some of the world’s best chefs. You’ll get all the ingredients you want when you want them. You can emulate the techniques they use like fine mincing and turn basic ingredients into impressive sauces. Chef’d is the ideal service if you’re going to entertain guests and don’t want to have the party catered. You can order several boxes if you need to from their service.