Reasons Why Optimized Online Video Marketing Works

If you haven’t noticed, the use of video for online marketing has exploded in the past few years. When you look at the reasons why, it’s not surprising that it’s grown so much — it’s multi-sensory, anyone can use it, you can be creative, reach a worldwide audience and spread your unique message. Here’s how businesses are using video marketing and some tips for writing effective campaigns.

 1. Build Trust and Authority

Marketing statistics from 2017 indicate that 43 percent of individuals who watch videos from marketers would like to see an increase in the use of this type of content. That’s great news for you. It gives you a chance to build your credibility, trust, and authority as a leader in your industry. Trust is key in all of your relationships as a seller. When you engage with your customers through the use of video, they start to see you as a credible and reliable source.

2. Easily Shareable

Just like infographic marketing and design, which predated video, visual marketing is easily shareable through social media. Thousands of videos are shared on the Twitter platform every 60 seconds. Many of these videos come from the YouTube platform. Facebook is also loaded with videos. It’s obvious that people love to watch and share videos that they find valuable. Many businesses are taking advantage of this and posting to those sites too. This strategy enhances and shares the message that you portray in your video. If you post on a consistent basis, your customers become accustomed to your presence and become loyal to your brand.

3. Tell A Story

It’s not about the sale. There’s plenty of that clutter already on YouTube. To engage with your audience, you must provide value for your fan base. What are the hidden desires and needs of your customers? Don’t be afraid to ask. Center your videos around a story that delights, challenges, motivates and touches your viewers. Your goal is to create an emotional investment from every person who watches your video production. You can do this through the power of video — give your stories a human touch that sparks emotion. Post these videos on YouTube and share them on popular social media sites.

4. Get To Your Message Fast

It’s easy to lose your viewers fast if you don’t hook them right away. You must immediately convey why your video is valuable content and worth watching. Tell them why it will inspire them, teach them something or answer a question that’s been on their mind. You should begin your video by getting to the point fast and leave the explanations for the middle of your videos.

5. Tags and Titles

To ensure that your videos are optimized for search, it’s imperative that you use specific keywords in your titles and tags. These descriptions will allow Google to correctly categorize your videos and recommend them to people who are interested in your message. You can greatly increase your rank by filling in those title and description boxes.

Use these tips to grow your brand on the internet. You’ll find that over time, your sales will magically increase.


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