Documentaries About the Fracking Industry and Land Owners

Environmental activists around the world have taken a stand against fracking – the controversial practice of injecting high-pressure water and industrial chemicals deep into the Earth to extract natural gas. While fracking does produce a large amount of natural gas, it has serious environmental impacts. Fracking causes increased seismic activity (earthquakes), uses very large amounts of water and is known to contaminate groundwater and soil.

As fracking takes center stage as one of the modern world’s biggest environmental issues, filmmakers have begun raising awareness by creating documentaries to explore its true impact. Here are four must-see documentaries about the fracking industry that will help you to understand this divisive topic better.

Gasland & Gasland Part II

With deadpan narration and stark visuals, filmmaker Josh Fox explores the impacts of fracking on landowners in these two critically-acclaimed documentaries. Gasland, which was nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar in 2011, begins with Fox receiving a request from an oil company to lease his land for drilling in exchange for oil and gas royalties. He then embarks on a cross-country journey to meet with people from all walks of life who have one thing in common: they live near fracking sites.

The real effects of fracking on individuals and communities are shown with a shocking straightforwardness. Also on display are the tactics used by oil companies to stymie the efforts of activists to expose the truth. Effective and eyeopening, Gasland is one of the most important environmental documentaries of the century, as is its sequel, Gasland Part II.

The Price of Sand: Silica Mines, Small Towns, and Money

An often-overlooked aspect of fracking is the use of sand in the drilling process. Such high amounts of sand are required that new silica mines are opening at a rapid rate, particularly in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The Price of Sand: Silica Mines, Small Towns, and Money examines the silica mining boom and the unexpected consequences it has had on the small communities surrounding the mines. Filmmaker Jim Tittle presents both sides of the frac-sand mining story but focuses mainly on the health impacts of the mines, which release microscopic silica dust, and on the misleading monetary promises made by the oil companies to local landowners.


South African filmmaker Jolynn Minnaar traveled the world to compile Unearthed, amassing over 300 interviews across South Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. The result is an explosive investigative documentary that required Minnaar to undertake 18 months of research and experience many real dangers, including legal threats and exposure to fracking chemicals.

The film follows Minnaar as she attempts to uncover the truth about fracking, spurred on by the possibility of her hometown becoming a drilling site. She examines the claims of safety made by oil companies and calls into question the prioritization of natural gas over more sustainable, renewable energy sources. Along with her journey, she conducts revealing, often emotional interviews with a variety of people ranging from professors to scientists to average citizens living near pipelines and drilling sites.

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Reasons Why Optimized Online Video Marketing Works

If you haven’t noticed, the use of video for online marketing has exploded in the past few years. When you look at the reasons why, it’s not surprising that it’s grown so much — it’s multi-sensory, anyone can use it, you can be creative, reach a worldwide audience and spread your unique message. Here’s how businesses are using video marketing and some tips for writing effective campaigns.

 1. Build Trust and Authority

Marketing statistics from 2017 indicate that 43 percent of individuals who watch videos from marketers would like to see an increase in the use of this type of content. That’s great news for you. It gives you a chance to build your credibility, trust, and authority as a leader in your industry. Trust is key in all of your relationships as a seller. When you engage with your customers through the use of video, they start to see you as a credible and reliable source.

2. Easily Shareable

Just like infographic marketing and design, which predated video, visual marketing is easily shareable through social media. Thousands of videos are shared on the Twitter platform every 60 seconds. Many of these videos come from the YouTube platform. Facebook is also loaded with videos. It’s obvious that people love to watch and share videos that they find valuable. Many businesses are taking advantage of this and posting to those sites too. This strategy enhances and shares the message that you portray in your video. If you post on a consistent basis, your customers become accustomed to your presence and become loyal to your brand.

3. Tell A Story

It’s not about the sale. There’s plenty of that clutter already on YouTube. To engage with your audience, you must provide value for your fan base. What are the hidden desires and needs of your customers? Don’t be afraid to ask. Center your videos around a story that delights, challenges, motivates and touches your viewers. Your goal is to create an emotional investment from every person who watches your video production. You can do this through the power of video — give your stories a human touch that sparks emotion. Post these videos on YouTube and share them on popular social media sites.

4. Get To Your Message Fast

It’s easy to lose your viewers fast if you don’t hook them right away. You must immediately convey why your video is valuable content and worth watching. Tell them why it will inspire them, teach them something or answer a question that’s been on their mind. You should begin your video by getting to the point fast and leave the explanations for the middle of your videos.

5. Tags and Titles

To ensure that your videos are optimized for search, it’s imperative that you use specific keywords in your titles and tags. These descriptions will allow Google to correctly categorize your videos and recommend them to people who are interested in your message. You can greatly increase your rank by filling in those title and description boxes.

Use these tips to grow your brand on the internet. You’ll find that over time, your sales will magically increase.

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The Truth About Moving to Los Angeles to Pursue the Big Screen

Moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a big-time acting career is a common childhood dream. While many have considered this a passing thought or fantasy, there are a few brave souls that have actually taken this step to chase their acting ambitions. For those of you who are still fighting to make it on the big screen, here are a few important things to know before relocating to Los Angeles.

Housing is Expensive

Living in L.A. can be painfully expensive and require you to work at a full-time job or several part-time gigs to support your path to acting fame. The average price of a medium one-bedroom apartment for rent is around $2,000 per month with lower-priced spaces few and far between. If you’re just starting out as an actor, you’ll need to develop a good work ethic quickly to improve your career and pay your bills at the same time.

Driving is a Nightmare

Between trying to find parking and navigating through the city’s complex highway systems, driving in L.A. can be a nightmare. You’ll quickly realize that location is everything and that living near grocery stores, public transportation, and workplaces is essential to survive. Because the large cityscape is sprawled across several miles, you’ll need to know about the city’s infrastructure and streets when heading out to a last-minute audition or acting job. Be sure to also read all parking signs on lots and streets, as parking tickets in L.A. tend to be just as expensive as housing rental prices. If you plan on driving anywhere, add one hour of travel time to ensure that you get to an important meeting or casting on time.

Success Takes Time

With hundreds of other young actors set on pursuing their dreams, L.A. has a competitive market for movie stars. And while film producers are constantly creating new hits, it may take some time before your career takes off. The reality of living in the city is that you won’t always get a starring role and that success won’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s common to see the same people auditioning for the same roles as you over and over again, waiting to get a part just like you. But since there are hundreds of acting opportunities in L.A., the chances are that you’ll be able to get a few small roles and build up your name over time. The important thing to remember is to keep trying no matter how many auditions you lose and how many producers tell you “no.”

Moving up to Hollywood

If you’ve decided that relocating to Tinseltown is right for your career, and you’re ready to take that plunge, give this L.A. moving service a call. Whether you’re moving here from across the country or just up the coast, these movers can help you get settled in for less with their discounted moving rates. Hire reliable, licensed movers at just a fraction of the cost, so you can save that hard-earned money to get you through to your next acting gig.

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The Best Film Festivals in Texas

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Top 5 documentaries of 2015

While documentaries don’t have record breaking opening weekend or garner reams of publicity they have become more popular in recent years.  With documentary film makers like Michael Moore and Alex Gibney 2015 proved to be a great year for documentaries.  Tackling subjects like Scientology and Mexican drug cartels, documentaries prove they can compete with the…

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